Computer Lab

The computer lab at RIIS has high grade computers. Each child is provided with his/her work station and access to an individual computer. We spare no effort to prepare our learners for the global society and IT driven world.


Science Lab

Laboratory activities provide experience with a phenomena, a sharing place for the systematic development of student’s ideas and a testing ground for the predictive power of their reasoning. At Ramshree school activities are designed to engage students mind, so that they may acquire skills and confidence in the process of learning. Our labs (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are well equipped with the latest apparatus. The school spends liberally on buying new equipments.


Mathematical Lab

Study of mathematics facilitates a way of thinking, a way of organizing a logical proof and in a way of reasoning. We have provided the students with well-equipped mathematics lab, where experimental learning takes place. Our highly qualified and experienced maths faculty imparts a string of logical orientation to the entire learning experience.



Looking towards the safety and security of the students, RIIS provides its own buses for the transportation of students all over the city. Bus coordinators and drivers are the employees of the school itself.



Merit in games and sports are expected to build a student’s character, confidence, team spirit and robustness. The school is well equipped with good sports facilities. Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors. Indoor and outdoor sports activities are undertaken in an organized manner by various club activities such as skating, shooting, karate, basketball, football etc. Indoor actives like yoga, aerobics, badminton, table tennis, chess and carom are introduced to emphasize and motivate the students towards physical education. Some students of the school are selected in district level for basketball and are a part of Gwalior district Basketball team. In cricket few students are selected by GDCA and are playing for Gwalior Division Cricket team. In skating and karate few students are awarded in National and International level for their excellent performance.


School ERP & Communication Management

At RIIS , We are providing a regular communication management facility with parents through school ERP software.

  • Separate portal facility for the teachers, students, parents and the administrator.
  • Messaging facility through Mobile App
  • Regular communication through Pop up notification Facility
  • Regular communication through SMS Facility

Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems

Safeguarding the well being of all students and staff is a primary concern of us.At RIIS Campus we are are providing following security management.

  • A properly installed system of school security cameras in classrooms & Play ground also
  • A properly installed GPS in all School buses to track the location of buses.