''The view has been emerging that it is not what is learnt but how it is learnt and the part that teachers need to play to interview in the process of learning is of greatest significance.''



After graduating from play group section children entered the primary section. Teachers help children to developing psycho motive domain through various activities. Learning experience is based on hands experience and by usage of various teaching techniques like demonstration, dramatization, audio-visual techniques, field trips and so on. Children are exposed to various sports techniques such as skating, swimming, field activity like football etc.



Now challenges are met as communication, reasoning, problem solving and value adjustment become far more complex. Formal education is introduced based on the NCERT syllabus. The addition of Art, Craft, Yoga, Karate, Music, Computer application, and Dance in the curriculam helps in the development of the character and personality of the child.


Sr. Secondary

This is the plus two stage, in the 10+2 pattern of education leading to the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The School offers two main streams i.e. Science and Commerce the school offers two options of study at this stage. English, General Studies, Physical & Health Education and Work Experience are Compulsory.